Founded in 2004, Fremantle Constructions operated as one of Australia's most successful Infrastructure Specialists for almost two decades. As industry leaders, we have worked across many of the largest and most complex resource infrastructure projects that Australia has ever seen, including Pluto, Ichthys and, of course, Gorgon.

Throughout the company’s history, we delivered over 100 individual infrastructure projects across a diverse portfolio of clients and industries, whilst keeping our safety record to unprecedented low levels.

As industry leaders we built an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability, shown most notably in the consistent return of every one of our clients after working with us. Our greatest asset at Fremantle Constructions was our relentless commitment to upholding a collaborative culture which valued integrity, quality and communication. And our success was a reflection of the ambition and loyalty upheld by our people, clients and partners; and a willingness to always go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.