John Schulz

Managing Director

John Schulz has worked in, owned and operated construction companies for almost 30 years, and worked alongside an incredible team of people to help drive success across a diverse portfolio of projects.

During this time he has had the opportunity to work on the tools through supervision roles and management all over Australia and internationally; which led him to become the Founder and Managing Director of Fremantle Constructions.

As a leader, John’s ambition was to ensure the organisation’s Culture was understood and embraced by the individuals and teams that were living examples of its success. These core values included Health and Safety, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Quality and Communication.

As the Managing Director of a construction company John worked tirelessly to ensure Fremantle Constructions remained an agile, lean and scalable business that ensured we were able to meet the challenges of any project, of any size, with both quality and speed whilst not compromising on safety or quality.

John believes the people are the core of the business and at every level throughout his career has taken time to get to know his team, and has been heavily involved in the work on the ground so that he can truly understand his client’s projects and needs. His impeccable attention to detail has built enduring relationship with clients, and ensured that every single one has reengaged the company after working with them.

Today, John is the Founder & Operator of JS Family Office; a Perth based, International Investment Firm built on a love of big ideas, good people, and the incredible opportunities that exist when the two come together.