Kalgoorlie Reservoir - Water Horizons

The Kalgoorlie 400 megalitre balancing reservoir helps ensure the reliability of the water supply in Kalgoorlie for residential, commercial and major customers over the peak summer demand periods, and will allow for future growth of the region. The project comprised two 200 megalitre concrete lined roofed reservoirs, inlet and outlet interconnecting pipe work and valves, a 70 million litres per day pump station and outlet chlorination facilities Fremantle Constructions designed and implemented lifting frames and drag screeds to allow the pouring of 6,000m3 of the total 10,000m3 of concrete on a 30° slope. This was achieved within very strict safety and quality parameters set out by the Water Corporation. We implemented roll out of 12mm and 16mm reinforcing which arrived on site already connected, allowing us to save time and money. We also constructed the pump station which incorporated precast panels. This was a very technical build.

Kalgoorlie Boulder
Water Horizons/WA Water Corporation
12 months